Aika Black-T in Media: The Verge

Dear friends,

We were really excited to find our Aika Black-T in a news article this morning in The Verge, one of the most credible and influential media in U.S. However, in the next second, we cried because it was titled as “This ‘menstrual wearable’ is nothing more than a sad heating pad.” Aika Black-T is everything more than a nice heating pad. Of course, you can regard it as a “heating pad,” as Aika Black-T is heated within 10 seconds when functioning and looks like a pad on the go.

But what is the difference?

According to Spine-Health, Muscle spasm in the lower back can create sensations that may range from mild discomfort to excruciating lower back pain. Heat therapy can help relieve pain from the muscle spasm and related tightness in the lower back (Mooney, 2003). We also can see The Verge article mentioned that “Heating pads work well,” “An assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University emphasized local heat is helpful for cramps relief,” “Any woman who has used a heating pad during her period can attest to its effectiveness(Carman, 2017).” There is no doubt a heating pad is quite useful for human painfulness and has been used as a home remedy for all kinds of pain for years.

Now let’s talk about Aika Black-T. The Aika Black-T menstrual wearable is made of innovative Aika Graphene™, which produces even heat through 5μm to 15μm far infrared (FIR). Close to the frequency of uterine cells, the launched FIR can reach womb, induce resonance, and relieve menstrual pains instantly. It is like a heating pad indeed, but it is more than a useful heating pad.


The second part of The Verge article talks about “sexiness.” We wish for them to clearly understand our mission: We hope every woman can be freed from menstrual cramps, confidently and bravely. Just as the reporter said, “promote and better women’s health.” So do we. As a menstrual wearable, Aika Black-T is under clothing, it is hard to show how it looks like when wearing it. That’s why we have some model wearing Aika Black-T like this:

Yes, some people might think Aika Black-T is not so fashionable, but our focus is on pain relief and convenience. Besides, most fashion trends start from details in life. We want to say “Most fashion and beauty is from life, not creating for purpose.” Even if you are not the most beautiful and fashionable one, you have the chance and right to be the unique one.

All in all, we appreciate Ashley Carman, the reporter from The Verge, wrote an article for us. We would like to reiterate our mission and philosophy: We hope every woman can be freed from menstrual cramps, confidently and bravely. Menstrual cramps are not a difficult topic to talk about. But menstrual cramps affect a woman’s life severely. Imagine if you are driving, working, meeting, or dating. A heating pad cannot help you out. But Aika Black-T can. We are here to make your life better.


Aika Team

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