Pure cotton lining, the most skin-friendly material.

Black lace design, fashionable clothing collocation.

Waist adjustment fits all in one.

An Underwear On The Go.

Controlled by Aika app, the temperature of Black-T can be accurate to 1°C (33.8°F). No matter where you are and what you are doing, you do not need to look for a changing room any more.

Temperature Control

95℉ (35℃),104℉ (40℃),122℉ (50℃)

Time Control

Automated off switch after 180 minutes

Temperature Intelligent control

95-140℉ (35-60℃) adjustable

Time Control

0-240 minutes - schedule off - switch time

Put your Aika Black-T on.

Turn on by controller or Aika app.

Heat up for 10 seconds. 80% immediately less pain.

Free Yourself From Pain With Simple Steps.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

FDA Registered.

The First and Only Intelligent Menstrual Wearable.

Your Menstrual Cramps Can Be Eliminated Now.

Different from heating pads, Aika Black-T transmits healthy far infrared (FIR) to your uterus. It sends away your menstrual pains. It is more than a wear. Keep your lifestyle and treat your womb with a spa.

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Beauty With Attitude.

Wear smart in high-tech. Your Aika Black-T integrates extreme comfort, perfect invisibility, and high fashion.

The New Generation of Wearable Technology.

Aika Black-T is made of graphene, which can produce even heat through 5μm to 15μm far infrared (FIR). Close to the frequency of uterine cells, the launched FIR can reach your womb, induce resonance, and relieve your menstrual pains instantly.

AIKA 2017


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